Dream Meaning of Telescope

The dream meaning of telescope suggests that you cannot decide to step forward or make something new because of some uncertainties. You want to study on new projects or take new steps in your life but some issues cause you to feel anxious and uncomfortable. These issues block you to go forward.

In addition the telescope in dream may symbolize that you need to take a closer look at some points of your life. Also, telescope may be a metaphor which points out something you need to unveil or make clear.

Looking through a telescope

The dream about looking through a telescope implies goodness. You will reach your goals and you get what you deserve. You will have a comfortable life. Alternatively, the dream may be a sign of getting promotion in business life. You may advance you careers.

Looking at the stars through a telescope in dream

Looking at the stars through a telescope in dream indicates that you will have good luck and all your dreams will be come true. It indicates that a good and comfortable future is waiting for you. You will have a happy, long, healthy and peaceful life.

Looking at the Moon through a telescope

The dream indicates that you will change your life in a positive way and you will overcome you financial problems. Alternatively, it signifies that you will catch an opportunity that makes you feel comfortable and improves all you life. That opportunity will be the end of all you problems in your life.

The dream interpretation of binoculars

Binoculars in dream represent that you will reach your goals and get what you want after a long time that you wait patiently. You will have an easy life.

The dream of microscope

The dream may signify bad luck. You will feel unhappy or depressed, you may be unsuccessful because of the difficulties that will face with. You may have financial problems depending on your unsuccess, you may lose your money, properties and you may experience hard times. Also, the dream interpreted as that your works won’t continue as you wish and you will have a high frustration.

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