Dream Meaning of Teacups

To dream of teacups suggests that your communication with other people will strengthen in this period, you will spend good time in both your private life and social life or you will start to get along with one of your colleagues who you have had problems before.

The dream meaning of teacups with shapes may symbolize your energetic character and comfortable life. A patterned teacup represents a scene of colorful moments. The dream with a broken teacup is interpreted as that you have an insincere friend and that friend always rumor about you. After a while you will hear what this friend is talking to everyone about you, and what you hear will make you really unhappy. In addition, the dream may be a sign of tension in your family life because of gossips. If the teacup is dirty in your dream, that shows that there is a relative who carry your sentences to others and carry other people’s words to you. This behaviour will cause big problems in the following days.    

Buying a Teacup in Dream

To see that you are buying teacups in your dream indicates that there will be a wedding preparation around you or a lot of people will visit you unexpectedly, which causes some problems for you. Alternatively buying teacups in dream may be interpreted as that you will experience a financial problem since you will have to spend a big amount of money reluctantly. This expenditure will break your material balance in that month.

If you are buying only one teacup in dream, then the dream implies that there is something which engages your attention and sadden you. For example it may be a bad word from your spouse or someone in your family.

The Dream With Breaking a Teacup

The person who sees that she or he has broken the tea cup by dropping her / his hand, will fall after rumors which she / he hears. The dreamer will find the person gossiping and reveal her / him. The dream also states that you shouldn’t talk about your family secrets with other people.  

Psychological Interpretation of Tea Cups

Teacups in dream signifies your natural behaviors and your willing to recognize and meet new people. The dream also shows that you are a very curious person about others’ lives and this attitude may cause you to be ashamed of or embarrassed in the following days.

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