Dream Meaning of Tattoo

To dream of tattoo symbolizes good luck and happy days. It represents that your life will go as you wish and you will achieve all your goals. Tattoo in dream symbolizes your dreams’ coming true. If you have some problems in your real life, your dream refers to that you will overcome all your problems in a short while. Alternatively, to see a tattoo in dream indicates that you will have your own occupation in your life and you will have a reputation in the society. So, the dream is a sign of good symbol.

Getting a tattoo in dream

To see that you are getting a tattoo in your dream denotes that you wants to be unique in your social or business life and you try to stand back from the rest, you don’t follow the others while stepping forward. If you don’t have tattoos in real life, then the dream implies how strong your feeling about being unique and different from the crowd is.

The interpretation is also related to the shape of tattoo which you get in your dream. What the shape of tattoo signifies in your real life will change the meaning of your dream. It may refer to something that has left a strong impression on your life. In addition it may represent your desire for expressing yourself in a true way. Getting a dragon tattoo implies that you want to draw attention and be a respected person in your social life. Getting a tattoo of diamonds indicates that you are proud of yourself and you want to acknowledge others about your past accomplishments.

Alternatively, having tattoo in dream indicates that you will fail in some of your projects and you will be disappointed. You will get into depression because of your failure and you will lose your self-confidence.

Getting rid of your tattoo shows that you will face with some troubles in your life and there will be a big disagreement between you and your colleagues or friends. It may be a sign of a problem that you have to overcome in business.

To tattoo in dream

To tattoo in your dream suggests that you will have a comfortable living standards, however you may lose your peace while you are living in wealthy. If you are a tattoo artist in your real life, to tattoo in dream may be only a reflection of your life.

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