Dream Meaning of Sliding

The dream interpretation of sliding on the floor represents that you will face many big problems but you will be able to cope with all of them. You don’t give up struggling, you have self-confidence and you always do your best to achieve your goals. Under any circumstances, you will overcome difficulties. On the other hand, sliding may illustrate that you are losing control over your life. Alternatively, to dream about sliding suddenly while you are standing up foretells you that you lose your control easily in your daily life.

The dream about sliding on the floor without falling down indicates that your life will become better. You may be promoted in the workplace or you may find a better job. If you are jobless, you will seize an opportunity and start to earn money. If you have some problems with your family members, you will get rid of them. The dream meaning of falling down while sliding symbolizes misfortune. The dream reflects that although you think that you are doing well in your life, you will face difficulties and ask for help.

Sliding is also a symbol of shortcuts in your mind. You like discovering quicker ways of doing something and this will help you save time.

The dream interpretation of sliding down a hill 

To see that you are sliding down a hill indicates that you are losing your confidence. It may be a sign of embarrassment. In addition, it can be interpreted as the start of hard times in your life.

Seeing sliding doors in your dream

The dream meaning of sliding doors symbolizes effortless changes. These changes may be related to yourself, your work, your environment or other people’s ideas. If you dream that you are going through a sliding door, it reflects that the changes will make your life more comfortable.  

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