Dream Meaning of Shells

What Do Shells Mean in Your Dream?

Dream meaning of shells in your dream represents that you will achieve great success in your business and educational life. Also you are not going to get any help when you are doing all of these stuffs. The other interpretation of shells is that you can go abroad for a long time for business travel which you made plan previously for some projects together with your colleagues.

To see the shells in your dream symbolizes being soft on the inner side and hard on the outside as a personality. This dream has a positive meaning for your feelings and you have managed to stay inside your shell. Shell is also a sign of sexual pleasure. It is interpreted as a need for asylum and a desire for emotional protection.

Seeing Shells in Shore in Your Dream

Seeing shells in shore in your dream is interpreted as a positive result of a business which you are pursuing. Moreover, you will be proud to receive the award which you deserve. You have spent too much labor and have done extra works on this job so it is time to get the praise which you expect.

Collecting Shells in Your Dream

Collecting shells in your dream is interpreted that you want to protect yourself from the bad intentions of others because of the emotional damage which you have lived lately. However, these shells will come to you as your right and will protect you from such negative-minded people.

Selling ​Shells in Your Dream

Selling shells in your dream is interpreted as a great chance which you will reach. Other meaning of selling shells your dream can be characterized as new developments in your life, described as a bond of hearts or a reputation in your business life.

Breaking Shells in a Dream

Breaking shells deliberately or unintentionally in your dream is interpreted that you will not be able to get a good chance and you can lose the chance which you have been waiting for a long time. This dream is also interpreted that you will be rude and loses someone’s trust who has good feelings for you.

Seeing Larger Sizes Shells in Your Dream

Seeing larger sizes shells in your dream is interpreted as big changes in your life. These changes will be positive and you may change your country or city. You will change the environment completely and you will have better living conditions.

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