Dream Meaning of Sermon

The dream meaning of sermon indicates that you will be promoted thanks to projects which you have been studying on for a long time. You have already deserved a promotion and at the end you will get your prize. Causes that have been blocking you to be promoted will be solved in a short time. Alternatively, sermon in dream may suggest that you will meet someone and get married with her or him.

Dreaming with giving a sermon

To see that you are giving a sermon in your dream denotes that you are trying to impose on people around you or you are dictating your beliefs or viewpoints to others. Besides, the dream interpretation of breaching illustrates that someone will help one of your friends about his or her problems. There is someone who you like very much and respect, but he or she has a big problem and feels unpleasant. The dream about giving a sermon may be a sign of a solution for that problem.

Besides, giving a sermon in dream signifies that conflicts in your family will come to an end. At the same time, it implies that you will gain profit and earn money in your business and you will reach to a good position.

The religious man giving a sermon in dream

To dream that a religious man is giving a sermon symbolizes a sophisticated person who will give advice to you. You will be supported by this person about your problems and will overcome the bad situations. He or she has many experiences about these situations or your business, so that he / she can recommend you. Also, the dream implies that you will have a healthy life and live in a happy family.

The dream interpretation of listening to sermon

To dream about listening to sermon may symbolize being hardworking. You will study much after you experience some difficulties and as a result of your diligence, you will achieve your goals and be successful. You will live a comfortable life. Besides, the dream may be a sign of good news. For instance, you may take good steps about your business and succeed at workplace. Apart from these, listening to sermon in dream may imply that you are in need of some spiritual advice.

Alternatively, the dream signifies that the dreamer will embark on a job which is supposed to be very complex and difficult for many people. But, you will gain money from that difficult task and astonish everyone with your success.

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