Dream Meaning of Sage

Dreaming About Sage: What Does It Mean?

Our dreams are places where we try to find solutions to our everyday problems. Every symbol you see in dreams represents a problem you are thinking about in real life, a problem you are experiencing, a problem you are encountering, or a problem you are trying to solve. There are a common figure that comes out in many of your dreams to solve your problems. This common figure is generally called wise human figure. It is called wisdoms for those who are confronted in dreams, who are present themselves as a problem solver, or who are seen only without saying anything. Seeing sage in the dream can affect you very much in your life. Because often the wisdoms of dreams come to mind throughout life and help you in every bad moment.

The wise you see in your dreams is usually an old man with a beard. These bearded and elderly people seem highly experienced and knowledgeable and offer you top-notch advice about the problem in your dream. In this respect, you will have solved your problem that you are very busy in everyday life that you can not solve it without the help of the sage in your dream.

What Does the word of the Sage Mean in the Dream?

The times when you see sage in your dreams are the moments when you are trying to solve a very big problem in general. If you have problems in your real life that you have difficulty solving or need help to solve, you can see a sage in your dream.

Seeing sage in your dream actually means that your inner voice is giving you advice. These advices are generally about solutions you have ignored that you know but do not want to apply. Listen carefully to the advice of the sage you see in your dream and try to understand what it means. What you need to remember is that the words of the sage are your inner voice’s sound. The solution of the problems you can not come up in your life can appears by means of the sage in dreams.


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