Dream Meaning of Quay

Seeing quay in the dream means that you will make progress truly and you will get into steps forward. You will get in success and earn money in the shortest time. In the meantime, you will go to voyage by ship through the sea.

The other interpretion to see quay in a dream is to find happiness, to live happily, to be full of joy, to cover the excitement of the heart.

Walking on Quay in Your Dream

Walking on quay in your dream shows that you will go to somewhere by thinking right way and remove obstacles between you and your target. Also you will decide about something which you thought long since.You will block all your negative ideas from your life.

To See Burning Quay in Your Dream

If you saw the burning quay in your dream, a strange person who does not know will interfere your works and leave you in a difficult position.You will own goods and property but that guy will not leave you alone because of these self-interest things If you saw other people around you in your dream when burning quay you will get bad news.

Falling From Quay in Your Dream

Falling from the jetty or falling from the quay into the sea indicates an unpredictable income, a high-profit job offer or an examination. It also means making the right decisions and walking confidently on the way to your destination.

Jumping From Quay in Your Dream

Jumping from quay in your dream signifies not to lose hope, to test your patience, to protect your fortitude. You will stand strong in a bad situation and you will be in perseverance against every situation and event.

To See a Boat on the Quay in Your Dream

In the dream, seeing the boat on the quay is the harbinger of the days that will bring great happiness and fortune to the dream owner. In your dream, many positive developments in the life of the person seeing the boat will live on top of each other and the dreamer will live the best days of his life. Refreshment means peace, well-being, abundance and health.

To See the Harbor in Your Dream

When you see the harbor in your dream, it is interpreted as you will kick all your difficulties from your life. The harbor is a sign of peace, comfort and safety. Also seeing the ships in the harbor means that, you will have a guest in your home and this guest will bring you positive and happy news. This news will surprise you quite a bit.

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