Dream Meaning of Lighthouse

If you have seen the lighthouse in your dream, you can be happy with peace of mind. You had a dream of traveling a long time ago when you started to prepare yourself. You have planned this travel imagery in a long and detailed way. Seeing a sea lighthouse in the sky means that a trip you plan to take will take place very soon. Your efforts will not be wasted and you will realize the journey that you have planned for a long time. You will be very satisfied with your travel.

You will have no problems at the travel process. In addition to that, you can also meet people who will be very valuable to you. The journey will give you a lot, some changes in your character. You will see yourself quite changed, mature and peaceful and this will make you very happy. Your travels will feed your inner world very well. You will feel very rested and happy. Therefore, let yourself be happy if you have seen the lighthouse in your dream.


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