Dream Meaning of Harbor

Dream meaning of harbor suggests power, self-reliance and success. It may be a sign of believing in yourself while struggling against troubles. To see a harbor in your dream also represents that you will pay your debts and start to save your money.

Alternatively, dreaming about harbor denotes that you are trying to escape from other people and hide in order to put into order your thoughts or feelings and decide something.

Dream meaning of a ship in harbor

To see a ship in harbor illustrates that you will meet someone who you haven’t seen for a long time and you will be very happy for this reason. The dream may be interpreted as great sensation and enthusiasm.

To dream a freighter may signify your steps which help you to secure your business or private life. You will get rid of some negative feelings and feel peaceful.

The dream about a tanker means that you and your family will move somewhere and you will keep away from business life, stress and troubles for a while.

To board to the boat in dream

To see that you are boarding to the boat in your dream indicates that you will overcome problems, be successful and earn money. The dream may be a sign of arranging your daily life and living comfortably.

Dreaming about lifeboat

Dream meaning of lifeboat may be a sign of going to a place where you want to visit very much. You will spend good time there. Besides, the dream interpretation of lifeboat may denote that you have a dream about travelling all over the world and you are making efforts to bring this dream true and save money.

Alternatively, to dream about a lifeboat illustrates that you need help in overcoming some of your problems and being relax. It may imply that you are in a hard situation and you need to be supported.

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