Dream Meaning of Drowning

Depending on the water that the dreamer sees, he is referred to in two different ways. If the water seen in the dream is clear water, a very big, auspicious and lucrative business will be entered into, this work will be very large gains and very happy to be pointed out. If the water seen in the dream is cloudy, it is interpreted that there will be bad and irreversible problems, very big problems will be experienced and sad and troubling situations will happen.

Dreaming of Drowning in Water

If the dream owner feels the drowning, business and family life will experience great troubles. You will suffer great losses. You will experience great sorrow, but with great patience and determination, you will work out the problems and will get rid of these problems. 

Dreaming of drowning is feeling completely effort to overcome problems. You are feared that you won’t be able to recover from failure. You may be crippling and abundant in worries, insecurities, shame, or other negative emotions.

Dreaming of yourself drowning

If you have dreamed of drowning, such a dream can mean that you are overwhelmed with real-life emotions.

Sometimes this dream is an indicator that too many things are happening in your life so you can handle them all. You can sound like you’re pulling under the surface. This dream may also be a sign of difficulties that will cause you depression and stress.

You will experience great troubles. You will encounter inevitable situations in family life. You will have great debates and problems family members will come to the point of discussion.

Sinking and Drowning

Dreams of sinking slowly while drowning that suggest being weighed down by many burdens that others place on you. This dream means the need to free yourself from the demands and obligations of other people. 

Try to focus on yourself and your desires and obligations for a change. Perhaps you gave yourself to others too much. Sometimes this dream may mean that some project you’re working on is not going to be successful, so it’s better to give it up on time.

If you’ve been panicking while underwater, perhaps the dream of drowning suggests any major changes that will come into your life. If, when underwater, you were struggling for air, it may suggest your inability to find faith in real life.

If in a drowning incident you dreamed of losing a loved one, such as your wife, a child, sibling, relative, etc., such a dream shows your fears of losing them.

Suicide by Drowning

When you tried to commit suicide by drowning in your sleep, means your determination to be the best is actually killing you. This dream may also mean discovering the subconscious.

If in a dream someone tried to drown you, such a dream is a serious warning. This dream may mean that your rivals are trying in some way to harm you. You should be careful about being deceived or set up by someone at work.

To drown someone else in a dream

Trying to drown in someone while dreaming is perhaps a sign of trying to suppress certain feelings and memories about some people or events.

If you’ve dreamed of drowning your ex, perhaps that’s how your subconscious manages the fact that she’s or he is no longer in your life.

Saving someone from drowning

Saving someone who drowning in a dream means that the dreamer will give great help to his acquaintance or relative, give great support both financially and morally and help him get rid of his debts. 

Drowned Bodies in a dream

If you saw drowned dead bodies floating in a river, a dream like this might soon be a sign of bad stuff. You can soon encounter something that will rob you of your life’s happiness. This dream reveals in the near future tragedy and sorrow.

When you dreamed of drowning in a bathtub, such a dream means the strength of your emotions and the need for further discovery.

Drowning in a mud

If you dreamed of drowning in mud, a dream like this is a sign of being affected by some powerful people in many areas of your life. You can’t revolt against their will because they can harm you or make you feel guilty because of fear. Those people might be your partner, parent, etc. It may also reflect your spiritual imbalance in this dream. You may have done something wrong, like having an affair, and you may not be able to get out of that situation, even though you know it’s wrong and you feel bad about your actions.

Freezing and Drowning in a dream

If you’ve dreamed of freezing under the ice and feeling drowned, a dream like this will expose your emotional pit by some circumstance. Maybe you’re in an intense relationship, and you can’t get out of it. You might be suffocated by your friend.

Such a dream could imply tension and confusion if you tried not to drown in a dream. You should think of your subconscious thoughts that could cause such a situation.

If you tried not to drown, this dream can mean that you are battling your emotions. You may have been hurt or you don’t know how to behave or what to do in a situation, and you’re trying to control your emotions.

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