Dream Meaning of Donkey

Although the meaning of donkey dreaming is expressed in many different ways, it is generally interpreted as positive. This animal, known for its size and beauty of his eyes, is seen as a good and positive event in the person’s life.

Donkey Baby in a dream

In the dream to see the burro (donkey baby) is interpreted as receiving good news. In fact, according to some sources, they are defined as tears that will be shed because of happiness. According to another expression, it is called being very happy on behalf of a new individual who will join the family.

Riding a Donkey in a Dream

If the dreamer sees that he or she rides a donkey in the dream, the person bears the news that these beautiful days will come soon. It means in your life you will improve your conditions and get wealthy. Riding a donkey means traveling abroad.

Falling from a Donkey

Falling in the dream from the donkey calls for troubled and difficult times. It means you’re going to be financially in a difficult situation. You shouldn’t waste your money. It was perceived as leaving a donkey in the same way.

Dream Interpretation of Killing Donkey

Cutting the donkey is a bad thing. Killing donkey in the dream is a sign that you’re clearing out all the negative voices in your company or surroundings. You won’t take anyone, even those partners who have been with you for a long time, for a negative answer.

Be mindful, however, of losing your loyal followers who are doing the hard work for you. In the long run, this can hurt you.

Donkey Scream or Voice

A hee-hawing donkey means that a worthless person is going to annoy you.  Angry donkeys in dreams are over-emotional and naive people.

Feeding a Donkey

Feeding a donkey in the dream means you want others to do whatever they’re asked to do. You should handle others well in low places, hoping they will stick to you during tough times such as recession or downtime. 

Scratch of a Donkey

A donkey scratching in the dream suggests you’re going to be caught by some illegal activity. There is a cloud of suspicion over you and someone who trusted you will figure you out.

Dream Meaning of Running Donkey

Seeing donkey running in the dream indicates you’re unwilling to cooperate with others, especially on menial work. You feel overburdened and depressed, you just want to escape the boring tasks and run away.

Giant Donkey

The donkey’s giant scale reflects your know-it-all mentality, which makes it impossible for you to learn new things and listen to good advice. It might harm your career and deprive you of opportunities.

Maybe some of your acts touched the nerves of otherwise unforgiving men. Watch out if you choose to continue working or to be close to the person, they can try to do little trouble to get their “revenge.”

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