Dream Meaning of Danger

Respect to dream interpreters, the feeling of danger has many various meanings. There are some points that should be paid attention while commenting on your dreams. Firstly, how can you feel danger in your dream? The shape of the event gives us some hints. For example, you may feel a sense of danger while escaping from burglars, leaving from the accident site or arguing with someone. Please specify your dream to comment properly.

In general, to have a dream of a feeling of danger signifies that all negative energies which downs you will end up and have better days soon. As an example, you may pass all your exams successfully, complete all your unfinished works or earn more salary by getting a raise or promotion. Some interpreters have different perspectives about the danger. According to their interpretation, you will have a piece of news from one of your family members who are in trouble.

If you feel a sense of danger without any reason, it is called as unknown danger. It signifies that you have some fears and anxiety in your waking life. These are recorded in your brain as consciousness. So, you need to talk about your feelings more and more to solve this matter. Otherwise, you will still feel them in your dream and it will be depressed you.

If you dream that you are in danger, it gives us a piece of information about your financial situation. Escaping from danger signifies that your financial problems will end up and you will live in prosperity. On the other hand, if you do not manage to escape from danger, it means that your financial problems still remain. You must work hard to overcome the obstacles.

To dream that you try to escape from danger and someone helps you

It indicates that you will move up your position in your job. However, you must be patient and try to consider all the chance you get it. If you already recognize a man/woman who helps you, it means that the moving up of your position will happen quickly. But, if you do not recognize him/her, it takes time. Alternatively, if there are multiple charitable people, it signifies that you will have a position in public authority. Also, you will become a dominant and successful director that makes you both accoladed and appraised.

To dream driving a car in a dangerous way shows that you are a very successful person in your working life. 

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