Dream Meaning of Coughing

The dream interpretation of coughing in your dream suggests that you will talk about everything which you have been keeping as a secret for a long time. You wanted to reveal these secrets in the past days but you couldn’t, which made you feel bad. Talking about those secrets will help you to relax. The dream usually refers to relief and getting rid of your problems. The person who sees he/she is coughing in the dream will tell the people’s faults to their faces.

Alternatively, coughing in your dream may symbolize that you will say something although it is unnecessary and because of your attitude, some people will get angry.

The dream may be interpreted as happiness. It may imply that your dreams will come true and you will obtain everything which you desire to have.

To see that there is blood in your hand after coughing symbolizes goodness and the interpretation changes from person to person. If you are male, then it means that you will become a family man. If you are female, the dream represents that you will be a good and supportive mother. The dream usually refers to family life and children. You will devote your life to your children and family.

Chest pain in your dream

To dream of having chest pains while coughing indicates that you are not happy in your life. You always want more but you cannot fulfill your additional needs. Not able to obtain what you want annoys you very much and you feel frustrated every time.

Not able to breathe while coughing in your dream

To see that you can’t breathe because of coughing in your dream may be a sign of health problems. You will catch a serious illness and you will have to struggle with that illness for a long time. The dream may be a warning for coming bad days.

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