Dream Meaning of Collar

The dream meaning of collar usually symbolizes good things. It denotes that you will decide to step forward and your decision will bring you happiness, money, and peace. You may be promoted at work in a short time. If you have some problems in your family life, you will get rid of all these problems. If you have been waiting for news for a while, you will get good news. The dream also suggests that you will be successful in your business life.

The dream interpretation of sewing collar is similar to the meaning of the collar. It indicates that you succeed in many things in your business, you will have a comfortable life and you will be respected by everyone in society.

The dream meaning of badge

To see a name tag or an ID badge on your clothes in your dream suggests that you will contact people who you need. If you are doing a project at workplace and you want to contact someone who will assess your project officially, ID badge illustrates that you will meet those people who you want to see. Those people will support you and your project, and you will be promoted. You will have a say in business life at the end.

The dream interpretation of badge also represents your status in society. You are respected by others and you have high prestige. On the contrary, the dream may suggest that you feel lonely and want to be a part of something.

Lapel pin

To dream of a lapel pin illustrates that you have a good job and you will be very successful. You will work on promising projects, you will be a well-known person thanks to your projects. You will earn a lot of money and live a comfortable life.

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