Dream Meaning of Coins

The dream meaning of coins symbolizes your feelings about yourself. Your feelings could also be related to something you did or told someone before. Coins in the dream may suggest that you are saving money nowadays for a special purpose. If the coins are belong to past eras, then your dream represents that you have a valuable idea. You shouldn’t keep your idea just in your mind, you should talk about it.

To dream of finding coins refers to positive feelings. You are earning a lot of money in your business and this makes you happy. Moreover you feel more powerful and independent. Finding coins also symbolizes being lucky. You are lucky in real life and you seize the opportunities.

To see flipping coins in the dream indicates that you will miss some opportunities because of your not taking things seriously. You won’t give importance to some issue, you will believe in your good luck but you will fail. Alternatively, flipping coins suggests that you feel you are more attractive and luckier than other people.

Silver coins in dream

The dream interpretation of silver coins denotes that you will experience good things. You will enjoy your life. You will be appreciated by everyone around you for something which you did before.

Silver coins in dream may denotes that you are betrayed by your close friends. Big amounts of silver coins implies your belongings and prosperity. To see that you are giving silver coins to someone else in the dream represents that you will lose money.

Gold coins

To dream with gold coins signifies your positive feelings. You have everything you need to be happy. You have a good job, a good salary, understanding friends and family. You live where you want to live. You are admiring opportunities which you face. If you see that someone is holding gold coins in her or his hands, the dream illustrates that you will have a relationship which brings you wealth or luck. If the person holding gold coins is evil-minded, then it symbolizes negative features of your personality.

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