Dream Meaning of Carving

Dream meaning of carving is a sign for starting new things and new chances. If you were carving something in your dream it means that you will start a job which will cheer you and your family up.

Dream meaning of wood carving:

If you were carving a wood in your dream, it predicts that you will hear from something you have not received any news for a long time. But this news you will hear also will be sad for you.

The other dream explanation of wood carving is reaching an unknown truth. If you dreamed about wood carving, it indicates that you may learn something which was kept secret from you by your family for a long time. When you learn about this secret you will become clear about a lot of things that lead you a merry dance. And in the view of such information you may change your life completely.

If you were at your home in your dream, it represents that you may nail a lie to the encounter and this situation may affect your family. On the contrary, if you were at some place you do not know in your dream, it means that you have to be careful about the people around you. There may be some people who dig a pit for you and if you become friends with them you may suffer a loss. You have to pay attention to some thoughts said by your close friends and family. They may warn you about these ill minded people at the beginning.

If you saw you were trying to carve something but you did not do well, it means that you criticize yourself more than you need. You judge yourself even about the unnecessary issues. You are thinking over and over every little thing you did and it exhausts you.

Dream interpretation of carving too many works represents that you have to calm down and brace yourself for new changes. If you can stop judging yourself all the time, it will be much easier to adapt to these alterations. You are delving into your thoughts just like a carved wood. Your dream tells you to be at peace with yourself and be comfortable in your skin. You have to accept that everyone has some bad sides but it is a part of being human. If you listen to your dream, the peaceful days are waiting for you.

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