Dream Meaning of Broom

Seeing broom in a dream indicates that the person who sees the dream will be in the middle of arguments and incidents that he/she would not ever wish to be in. But this person will get a continuous help from somewhere he/she never expected.

Seeing Vacuum Cleaner in Your Dream

Having a dream that involves a vacuum cleaner is interpreted as the sign of living your life with only minor problems, not depressing money issues or huge breakups.

Sweeping in a Dream

If the owner of this dream is someone who is working on heavy jobs like a mechanic or a plumber, it refers that all his earnings will be rightful.

Dream Meaning of Sweeping a Place

Sweeping in a dream indicates that the person who sees the dream will suffer from major arguments in his house.

Sweeping the Streets in a Dream

It is interpreted as the person who sees the dream will spend a lot of money to create a great business. He earns huge amounts of money and help those people to live under harsh conditions and cure their troubles. At the same time, it is interpreted as a sign of rightful earnings.

Dream Interpretation of Sweeping Your House

The person who sees himself sweeping the house in his dream will lose most of the goods. Those he has accumulated with great difficulties for a long time due to a problem or an error in his business life. And that he will fall into very bad situations.

Seeing Yourself Sweeping a Sacred Place In Your Dream

Sweeping a sacred place such as a mosque, church etc.  is interpreted as your spiritual development and moral betterment.

Sweeping Someone Else’s House in a Dream

Seeing yourself sweeping someone else’s house with a broom in your dream indicates that this person who sees the dream will see a great benefit from a wealthy and kind person.

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