Dream Meaning of Bronze

Dream interpretation of seeing the bronze metal does not point to the things that are good… It indicates distress and hardship in your business. If you have seen stuff that is made out of bronze in your dream, the interpretation of this is you have to put forward more effort to keep your promises. And besides not to lose the trust of the people around you.

Seeing bronze statue in a dream

It means unconditional love. A bronze coin in a dream tells that the one who had this dream will earn money but he will have to try hard for it. Seeing a bronze medal in your dream means that you will be able to handle every hardship but you will somewhat lonely in the next phase of your life.

Dream Meaning of Antique Bronze

If you have seen an antique bronze item in your dream, it will reveal to you that you will solve problems in your life. Thus you will become a stronger person.

Dream interpretation of bronze jewelery

Bracelets made from bronze, necklaces, earrings etc. means that you will be your money spending for entertainment and that you will try to go shopping in order to relieve your stress.

Bronze-like colour in a dream

Seeing your skin is getting a bronze-like colour which means suntan, in your dream, that means the place you live will be a better place and your life will be more enjoyable.  The bronze statue is interpreted that you will not be loved in return. Seeing bronze as just a metal or shapeless material refers to hardships in your business.

But if you see bronze in a shape like an object or something in your home, that means you will be treated well. If you see that a bronze object is stolen from your house, you will face your enemies. And also you are giving promises that you cannot keep.          

Bronze also means that you need to care more about something in your life. It indicates maintenance of beauty and health. Other interpretations of bronze in a dream:

Disappointment in your love life is betokened by a dream of bronze statuary.

Dreaming of bronze means to assurance, quality, and conservation.

Bronze: a symbol of strength. Achievements. Receiving something that has a greater value than you thought. Seeing bronze in a dream means fertility and comfort in the house for women.

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