Dream Meaning of Banquet

Seeing a banquet in your dream refers to mundane properties that have been earned in halal ways. It refers to serenity, abundance, joy and a long time to live a life. It means that the dream owner will take his livelihood without difficulty, without getting tired, from the easy ways, will have comfortable and beautiful days, and that this situation will a continuous one, not a temporary one. As it signifies goodness, happiness and beauty, it also means doing your job efficiently.

Seeing  a Banquet Table In Your Dream

Seeing a banquet table or a feast in your dream shows that the life of the person who sees the dream will be beautiful, the financial power will always be in place. The quality of the surroundings will be as luxurious to make people want to imitate it. And the comfort will remain as an unchanged condition.

Feasting On A Banquet table In Your Dream

All the troubles of the one who sees that he eats in a banquet in his dream will end. The person will gain hope and strength on the road to success. This person will fulfil his / her beliefs, and thus will firmly consolidate his / her place in the business world by starting to produce ideas that will attract everyone’s attention.

Throwing  a Banquet In Your Dream

Throwing a banquet or calling people for a feast in your dream refers to doing good deeds that are in accordance with the will and path of the god. And sometimes, the interpretation of this dream is inviting people to right way of god

Preparing  a Banquet In Your Dream

Preparing a banquet in your dream signifies doing good deeds, sharing what you have and helping those who are in need. The person who had seen this dream is a generous person who has compassion and respect for others. This person knows the value of dignity and he is well respected.

Being At A Banquet In Your Dream

Seeing yourself at a banquet in your dream signifies salvation. It means that the person who sees the dream will regain his old joy, his presence, his health and comfort.

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