Dream Meaning of Babies

Although seeing babies in the dreams is generally interpreted as having good news and good meanings, it can actually be described in many ways. For example; seeing a baby laughing in the dreamer’s sleep indicates that you are happy too, your face smiles and your business life also going to be better.  But if it is an unhappy and crying baby in your dream, a life of disappointment, misfortune and sadness for the person who sees this dream is portended.

Seeing Dolls In Your Dream

Dreaming about dolls, in one way or another, symbolizes childhood. It could either be symbolic of the dreamer’s childhood or could symbolize a child in the dreamer’s life. Many couples who are trying to have babies often dream about dolls.  These dreams are simply the mind’s ways of handling the intense desire to have children. The person who sees the dream will be happy and will receive beautiful and clean news. He will feel joyful like a child, relax, eased and be very happy.

Seeing Baby Boys In Your Dream

This dream is a sign of positive and beautiful developments. The person who sees the dream will be healing and it will mean that he will experience some events in the future and these events will be very good for him, so this dream means all good.

Seeing A Dream In Which You Have Babies

If you see that you have babies in your dream and if these babies are healthy, that means you will get good news and experience good things. But if the dream owner sees the babies as unpleasant things, this dream is a portent of bad luck, misfortune, loss of job or health.

Seeing Teething Babies In Your Dream

This dream is interpreted as a sign of being endowed with more from mundane riches. Also indicates serenity, increase in economic strength, good health and good fortune.

Death Of Babies In Your Dream

Even saying it is scary but seeing this dream has a set of good interpretations. This dream means that one who had this dream will have a healthy happy, enjoyable life. And he/she will pray to Allah for what he/she has been bestowed and will always be thankful.

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