Dream Meaning of Auction

An auction in your dream shows that it is time to look at your spending and try to limit it. Think about your reactions to things you want to buy.

Is there anything better that you can do to improve your financial position? You may encounter a person that needs to be dealt with in a certain way. An auction in a dream shows that you could be undervaluing or even overvaluing a part of your life. It can even be a sign of a new romantic relationship. It may also mean that your previous lovers are not willing to move on. To dream a person outbid an individual in a public auction indicates that you may refuse something you have yet to receive. For you to desire an item that nobody is bidding on suggests that your opinions are being increasingly dismissed.

To dream of bidding on an auction and not winning is a sign that you cannot expect to reason with someone or change who they are. You may have some limited success in getting your point across, and you could meet someone who needs to tone down their opinions. This is because the harmful behaviour that affect you negatively.Detailed dream interpretation: If you dream of holding an auction, then this shows that you need to start to know yourself, better. Also, think about your relationships, are you getting what you want from them? Are you actually a masochist? To dream that you are the one who leads an auction is a sign of luck. If you participate in an auction, you may get a promotion, but you could also lose some of your wealth.

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