Dream Meaning of Murderer (Killer)

Dream Meaning of Murderer (Killer)

To see a murderer in your dream means that you will hear advice, take a beneficial idea and there will be a person who will guide. This dream also refers to a friend who will say earlier a danger which you will confront.

To see that you become a murderer in your dream may imply that you will be specialized in an important issue, you will come to the status of the person whose idea you will take, be the dominant side in your relationship.

To see that you kill the murderer or the murderer is died in your dream may suggest that a person who is compete with you will withdraw from a job which s/he is in trouble with and by this way, you will be unrivalled and incomparable.

To see that you are killed by a murderer in your dream indicates that you will have benefit from an advice and a rumor which you hear but don't believe in will be real.

To see that you escape from a murderer in your dream may indicate that by utilizing from an experience of your relative, you will make impressive conversations in a crowded community. If you see that you chase a murderer in your dream, it signifies that by being affected from the sayings of people, you will break the heart of a person who loves you wrongly.

To see that you catch the murderer or the murderer is caught in your dream may denote that you will persuade a person at the end.

To see that one of your relatives is a murderer in your dream may represent that by doing business with people who does something behind this person's back and wants to give harm to this person, you will give harm to him/her undeliberately.

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