Dream Meaning of Mosque

Dream Meaning of Mosque

To see a mosque in a dream refers to longing, missing and expectancy.

To see of performing prayer in the mosque in your dream signifies that a person whom you like misses you but s/he doesn't temp to speak with you.

To see the minaret of a mosque in your dream implies that you will make peace with a person whom you are on the outs with. If there are more than one minaret in your dream, coming together will last long as much as the number of minaret.

A ruined mosque in your dream means that your family will introduce you to a person without your information.

If the mosque is crowded in your dream, it means that one of your relatives will die. If it isn't crowded too much in your dream, it signifies that one of your relatives will have a baby.

To see muslim religious leader in a mosque ( please look at Imam )

The door of the mosque refers to a new job and gain. If you don't enter into the door and wait there in your dream, it means that you should make efforts for this job. If you see a person entering into the mosque from the door, it signifies that this new job will be long term.

To see the dome of the mosque in your dream may represent that you will protect your relative who is waiting for your help. Afterwards, you will have benefit from this person.

If you see yourself inside the mosque and you do any kind of things apart from prayer in your dream, it means that you will go away from your friends and start to have wrong friendships.

To see that you are sleeping inside the mosque in your dream implies that you will go away from your country and you will set up a new life there.

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  1. So I had a dream I was at work forgot my steel toes shoes. Then I had trouble finding them, but I kept forgetting what was doing. I was Confused. Finally found them but couldn’t find my way back to work kept going through door after Door with constant confusion. After going through different buildings and doors trying to get out, I saw a window and it was raining. I just wanted then to get outside for fresh air. Somehow I seen my freind searching for me because I disappeared from work. Searched for door, found am emergency exit. As soon I got outside I went a few steps. Then collapsed, my legs gave out and I fell too the ground. I could see my friend above me calling for an ambulance and fire truck.

  2. Well, it may be the sign that you work in a job that you really feel that your are stuck. In cases where one shouldn’t find the strength to say no, or change your life, human nature sabotages themselves in the dream atmosphere.

  3. I am Hindu by religious but last night I have a dream about ” I been to mosque in my village where I never been before, I remember I pray over there and returned back” what is the sign of seeing this dream?

    Also I met one girl of my village from my school 15 years back and I talked with her what is the nature of this dream.

  4. I am muslim and has a dream i was being chased by a gunman and all of a sudden i ran into a mosque to hide while being chased. I ran through a secrect room within the mosque which led me back outside the mosque. The gunman found me and tried to shoot at me but missed me. People were praying inside the mosque, i tried to communicate to let them know i was being chased by a gunman but there was no communication properly been made as few people were praying and the mosque was mostly empty.

    What does this mean?

  5. Answer to
    May 22, 2019 at 6:43 am

    He is Allah, who is One, whatever you believe. Seeing a mosque and being it in somewhere you have never been may imply that you are going to meet the Muslim belief. May Allah let you meet the Kuran. Read the meaning, think over it, scrutinize and comprehend. Someone from your past or someone who make you recall will bring about this confrontation.

  6. I had a dream about 7/8 Years ago and couldn’t make sense of it at the time.

    I was in a mosque but it didn’t seem to be the entrance but it was a doorway leading to what i had assumed was the prayer area, and across the room was a wall that had pillars in the mosque dome shape and on them were tiles that had a blue floral design very similar to the ghous-e-azam mosque and there where cubicles randomly placed that where made out of dark wood, darker then mahogany and people in white clothes, with mosque hats walking around.

    I can still see the images as clearly now as i did then.

  7. I have a dream and see my self roush to masjid to pray then I pray two rakàt and move to the front in the masjid

  8. i had a dream last night before waking up. I was inside the Masjid that i usually always go to pray with Jamaat, i was praying few rakats, also i think i remember a man coming in to the masjid, although i never seen this man before, but i think i remember his hair was long, not too long but appropriate male long, and hair colour was not fully black but i think close to it. if this dream doesnt mean anything then its ok, if does it would help to know what. just want to know, as i dont usually see myself in a masjid in a dream. Cause usually i dream imaginative thing s about cartoon characters, or usually nothing at all.

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