Dream Meaning of Money

Dream Meaning of Money

To see money in your dream refers to misfortune.

To find money in your dream means that you will leave a work incomplete.

To see paper money in your dream denotes that you will be unlucky and won’t finish your works. If you see coins in your dream, it indicates that your chance will increase.

To see of finding, counting or spending money which is made from golden, silver or valuable metals in your dream may represent that you will compensate the harms which you had before.

To dream that you burn money and see flame indicates that you will gain status in your environment temporarily.

To see that you borrow money to a person in your dream signifies that you broke the heart of your relative. If you lend money from a person, it means that you will be disappointed.

To dream that you count money implies that people rumor about you. If you are confused as you count money, you give up from a job which you have started.

To issue money in your dream means that you will be busy with religious unpermitted jobs.

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