Dream Meaning of Mint

Dream Meaning of Mint

To see mint in your dream refers to issues regarding job.

To see of eating mint in your dream may represent that you will open a new shop and have good gain.

To dream that you dry mint means that you will lose a lot of money in your business life.

To smell mint in your dream signifies that you will start a new job and be successful in this job. If you smell it by touching on mint plant in your dream, it is telling you that you will make a very good impression on job interview. 

To see of putting mint in salad in your dream denotes that there will be an environment that you will have fun in your office.

To dream that you break mint into small pieces by drying refers to money which you will earn in your job.

To see fresh mint in your dream represents that your status will increase and everyone will want to be like you. 

To see dry mint in your dream refers to new friendships which you will make in your office. 

To put mint on ayran or yoghurt in your dream refers to a short trip which you will have soon. 

To dream that you sell fresh mint means that your financial problems will disappear. 

To see of buying dried mint in your dream denotes that problems in your relationship will destroy.

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