Dream Meaning of Lizard

Dream Meaning of Lizard

To see a lizard in your dream may represent that your opinions will change, your tastes will be different, there will be a person who affects you. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that the conflicts in your love life will come to an end, your trust to your lover will increase by getting rid of your doubts.

To see that you are afraid when you see a lizard in your dream may indicate that you will be contented with a small profit because you won't courage to have risk. If you aren't afraid of lizard when you see it in your dream, it means that you will be successful from the risks you took.

To see that there are a lot of lizards in your dream indicates that you will confront with a lot of issues which you have to decide, you shouldn't hurry up in order to make the right decision.

To see that a lizard bites you in your dream may represent that in an issue which you always change your opinion, you will get relaxed because your friend will say the last sentence.

To see a dead lizard in your dream may suggest that because you are closed to the criticisms, people around you don't say your faults. To see of killing a lizard in your dream means that you will eliminate the wrong options and you will be decisive.

To see of eating a lizard in your dream may symbolize that by being far away from your own personality, you will imitate the behaviours of a person whom you aspire. This condition won't be taken as good in your environment.

To see that you catch or hold a lizard in your dream may indicate that you will be successful every time by taking risk many times.

To see a lizard egg in your dream may suggest that you should pay attention to the person who is younger than you and wants to help you in an issue which you have to decide.

To see that the lizard loses its tale in your dream may signify that you will have to spend some money in order to reach a big profit. The lizard without a tale in your dream refers to a friend whose sayings are true.

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