Dream Meaning of Lawyer

Dream Meaning of Lawyer

To see a lawyer in a dream refers to contradiction, indecisiveness and live something to time. Alternatively, it also signifies a rebellious and nonobservant person. According to another interpretation, it also symbolizes a uncontrollable and double crosser person .

To wear a lawyer's cloth ( tog) in your dream may represent that you will make the right choice by eliminating the options for an issue that you are confused with.

To see that you become a lawyer in your dream denotes a long-running business. If you are single, it refers to a happy marriage that will last forever.

To dream that you talk to a lawyer symbolizes a person who causes that you will miss the other opportunities because s/he keeps you busy in vain. Alternatively, it signifies that you should pay attention to the statement of the person whom you have known for a long time, you shouldn't listen to the person who has just confronted you.

 To speak with a lawyer on the phone or write letters to a lawyer in your dream implies that you will confront a situation that is different from being told you and you should confirm by seeing.

To see that you get married with a lawyer in your dream signifies that you will leave your anxieties and confusions in the past and you will make a new good start for your future.

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