Dream Meaning of Laundry

Dream Meaning of Laundry

To see laundry in your dream refers to a person's feelings or favors toward you.

To dream that you hang out the laundry implies that a woman outside your family will do you a favor related to your job.

To see that you are washing the laundry in your dream indicates that a woman who is important for you will get you off the hook.

To see of collecting laundry in your dream signifies that a person whom you don't know will help you about your education.

To spread laundry in your dream indicates that one of your friends will spoil your relations with people but you will fix this issue with your efforts.

To fold laundry in your dream may represent that there is a person who has emotional feelings towards you and follows you.

To see a washing machine in your dream may suggest that there is a person who thinks bad about you but after a while, this person's bad thoughts about you will disappear.

If you see laundry bleach in your dream, it means that an authorized and reliable person will find solutions to the problems, which you haven't solved in your business life.

To see a clothespin in your dream indicates that you will give an idea to your friend about one issue and this idea will be very good for your friend.

To see clothes line in your dream signifies that you will want help from someone about a gift or a person will get your opinion.


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