Dream Meaning of Land

Dream Meaning of Land

To see a land in a dream refers to ascription, harmony, order and match-up. If you see a large land in your dream, it denotes peace within your marriage life, leadership in your relations with your friends. A small land means that you will enter into a profitable process if you keep your nerves under control.

To see stones and plants in the land refers to money. If you see car, commodity or clothes on a land in your dream, it means the rate of goods that you will have.

To see of selling a land in your dream implies that you will take your will bring a person threaping with you to heel. If you buy a land in your dream, it means that you will impose upon your own rules and you will win one's heart at the end of a lot of efforts.

To measure a land and make conversations related to the size of land in your dream implies that you will enter into an environment where you will meet a person whom you will be affected from. You have common likings. People who measure the land make you feel stronger and glorify you because of their own interests. 

To hedge round the land with tree or wall in your dream indicates that a person who is please with your job will recommend you and your works go well.A person who are affected from your kindness and toleration will make an important offer to you.

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  1. No, in my dream I saw different size area rugs on the floor. Then heard voice sat to measure the room. Measurements: heard 4×11 then heard 48, 11 by 6 and then 11 by 7
    When I woke I heard measure of man. Interpret if able

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