Dream Meaning of Jalousie

Dream Meaning of Jalousie

To see a jalousie in your dream refers to good decisions, which you will make with your friends, conversation, journeys with your friends.

To see of buying a jalousie in your dream may represent that you will share your problems and troubles with your close friend during a talk with this person and your life will be more beautiful with the opinions which your friend gives you.

To see of selling a jalousie in your dream indicates that you will meet with your old friend and hear good news from this person.

To see colourful jalousie in your dream symbolizes that you will help one of your close friends financially.

To see an old or broken jalousie in your dream signifies that you will overcome the troubles with your friends gradually and your relationships will be better than the past as soon as possible.

To see a new jalousie in your dream indicates that you will participate in a journey related to your school or job with your friend and meet with new people during this journey.

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