Dream Meaning of Island

Dream Meaning of Island

To see an island in your dream refers to the relationships with your friends and relatives.

To see an island and  sea in your dream implies that you will handle your problems with your friends soon.

To see yourself or a person in an island and sea signifies that you will help a person because of his/her problems with his/her friends.

To dream that you buy an island suggests that there will be good news which will be heard within family and these news will influence your life positively in terms of financial issue.

To dream that you swim in an island implies that you will visit your family elders and good subjects will be spoken during this visit. If you see that a person swims in your dream, it suggests that you will make changes in your house thanks to an opinion which family elders give and this change will be good for you.

To see that you walk around in an island in your dream refers to boarding guest. If you see that a person walks around in an island in your dream, it signifies an organization that you will make and speak with your friends and it also refers to people whom you will meet during this organization.

To dream that you go to an island signifies that you will share one of your own commodities or your money with your friends.

To dream that you stay in desert island signifies that the financial discussions within your family will come to an end thanks to money that you will earn.

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  1. Today I dreamt that I was flying around in my dreamworld with friends, and a whole new area opened itself to me. I asked my friends if I could have the area, because it didn’t stretch too far before heading into the ocean. My friend said yes – and I was completely ecstatic, exploring the territory. I flew toward the shore, and I saw that the shoreline was very rocky and brittle; it had little cracks and pools of water in between – which created 5 islands. 5 small, flat, crumbling, rocky islands that floted on top of the sea surface. I thought it looked absolutely fun and I imagined myself flying and jumping all over the place.
    It’s just that I have no clue what it means that I saw. Not a single source on the internet can clarify a single detail and I’ve been searching all afternoon.

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