Dream Meaning of Invoice

Dream Meaning of Invoice

To see an invoice in your dream refers to reaching the result, obtaining your desires, relief and wealth. If the amount of invoice is high and you are shocked about it, this dream means that you will take the reward of your suffering.  If the amount is high, it means that your income will be important and too much.

To dream that you make out an invoice indicates that you will have a job and employ many people. If you see invoices by dozens, it means that you will have big money countlessly.

To pay for invoice in your dream may represent that you will get rid of rent, you will take back the thing which you lend, become friendly at once again with a person whom you are at loggerheads with before. Alternatively, this dream is telling you that you will get income of a significant job with a big responsibility.

To see of tearing an invoice in your dream may represent that you will leave from your copartner, your gain will increase two times, get a valuable information.

To see an invoice which you couldn’t read in your dream implies that you will move up the social ladder, change your environment and in this way you will leave your troubles behind you. 

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  1. What about an unpaid invoice? I have had a dream for years about when I had multiple jobs, and one or all company doesn’t pay me. I see a stack of invoices, but am never paid. It differs which company it is; last night it was a legal temp job, usually it is department stores I worked at. These things really happened, and each morning I am convinced that I have a stack of unpaid paychecks somewhere. In my dreams, I am always forced to work the many jobs, even not getting paid. What does this mean? Is it because it really happened, or does it represent something else?

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