Dream Meaning of Illusionist

Dream Meaning of Illusionist

To see an illusionist in your dream refers to confusing life, cheating, trick, bad-tempered person. 

To become an illusionist in your dream may imply that you have a life which isn't confirmed, you will be criticized excessively, and you have two-face spirits.

To make magic in a dream refers to fight. If you see that you become an illusionist and demonstrate in front of the community in your dream, this dream tells that you will reflect your bad life to your family and there will be incidents which spoil the peace of family.  

To see an illusionist's thing in your dream may imply that you will be in the dominant position, win out.

To see an illusionist's rod in your dream indicates that you will leave from the hazardous period profitable. You will have relief.

To wear an illusionist's cloth in your dream means that you are deceived by a person, have an unexpected dash from a reliable person. There is a short term upsetting incident.  

To see the apprentice of illusionist in your dream may indicate that a commodity which is lost will be found. A suspense issue will be enlightened.

To see magic tricks, games in your dream may denote that you will rest on your laurels, be relaxed, and overcome the stressful period.

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