Dream Meaning of Hookah

Dream Meaning of Hookah

To see hookah in your dream may represent that bad issues in your life will be in order as soon as possible with the help of your relative.
To smoke a hookah in your dream suggests that you will have a short journey which you will be relaxed in near future. If you see a person who smokes hookah, this dream is telling you that you will scrutinize your problematical friendships at your school and keep your distance from some of your friends.   

To dream that you smoke a hookah and blow smoke may indicate that your health problems will disappear with your own efforts.

To see that after you smoke a hookah, you feel sick in your dream symbolizes that you will fulfill your longing with your relatives whom you haven't seen for a long time. Both sides will be pleased for this meeting.  

To see of smoking a hookah slowly in your dream may represent that disagreements with your spouse or partner will disappear. If you smoke it fast in your dream, it means that you will have some pessimisms but your thoughts will change soon.

To see of buying a hookah for your home, yourself in your dream refers to increases in your business life. To see of selling a hookah in your dream denotes abundance and easiness in monetary issue.  

To dream that you smoke a hookah with different tastes signifies that your friends will mention about you. To see that you try a hookah firstly in your dream means that your health problems will fix. 

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