Dream Meaning of Hell

Dream Meaning of Hell

To dream of hell suggests feeling guilty, regret and settling accounts. Alternatively, it signifies that you will have an opportunity to take revenge on people who give harm you with lies and rumors.

To see yourself in the hell without suffering and disturbing in your dream implies that you will behave brutal against people who harm you. You won’t have pity on these people.

To see that you are sent to hell in your dream signifies that if you don’t refuse the offer confronting you as soon as possible, events that you regret will start to happen.

A hellhole in a dream means that apparently good person is sinister in reality. A job which seems beneficial for you is actually a trap prepared for you.

To see hellfire in your dream implies that you will meet a person who makes you hesitate. Alternatively, according to another interpretations, it means that you will make efforts to get undeserved gain.

To see that you burn in hellfire, suffer torment in your dream indicates that you will get undeserved your daily bread, enter into an environment where people fornicate. If you see people in hellfire in your dream, it symbolizes people who try to show the bad things to good advantage to you.

To see the door of hell in your dream indicates that a person will come because s/he compensates his/her doing in the past. 

To escape from hell in your dream indicates that you will be relaxed by getting rid of regret. If you are got fired from hell in your dream, it means that you will be forgiven about one issue and you will compensate your fault.

To see hell guardian in your dream means that you will escape from the enslavement or you will get rid of a commodity or a person whom you don’t like. ( Please look at Hellhound)

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