Dream Meaning of Hair

Dream Meaning of Hair

To see hair in your dream refers to mind, money, commodity and child.

To see that you lose your hair in your dream may represent a job offer which you earn too much money or an idea which makes you a lot of money.

To dream that you have your hair cut means that you will work a lot but in return for this, you will start to earn a lot of money by raising as soon as possible.

To see that you cut hair in your dream suggests that you will participate in a journey, a meeting or an interview and learn new things about your job. If you aren't working in reality, this dream tells that your life will be in order thanks to a person you will meet. If you are a student in reality, you will get opinions which change your life.

To see that you have your hair dyed in your dream means that you will work for a job you don't like. If you see a person who has his/her hair dyed, you will get rid of a person or job you don't like thanks to this person.

To comb hair in your dream refers to money. If the hair is long and bushy, money coming to home will be too much. If it is short, it refers to money which will be earned under your expectation.

To see a person who combs your hair in your dream signifies goods which will be got without effort.

To see that your hair get white in your dream suggests that you will have a child. If you aren't married, you will hear that a person whom you know closely will have a baby.

To see your hair with different colours from the current one in your dream may imply that your relative whom you give advice will gain profit from this idea and offer to share this gain with you.

To dream that you tear your hair means that if you are alone at that time, you will have money by chance. If you are with person/s as you tear your hair, this dream tells that you will have money by cheating.

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