Dream Meaning of Grandmother

Dream Meaning of Grandmother

To see grandmother in a dream refers to peace good child, sureness and profitable job.

To see grandmother in a dream also refers to unexpected support, a competition or good news.

To see your grandmother's house in your dream symbolizes good news that you will hear during your journey or the time when you are far away from your house.

To see that you hug your grandmother in your dream implies that you will abandon a logical way and you will act upon your emotions, you will take an unexpected reaction from a person whom you feel bad for.

To see that a grandmother dies in your dream refers to a work which prevents you to spend time with your partner. If you see that your grandmother dies in your dream, it implies that you don't spend time with your partner because of your journey or job and you are at odds with your partner.

To see that your grandmother arises from dead in your dream symbolizes perfect news from your friend or partner.

To discuss or fight with a grandmother in your dream indicates that you will consider your friend responsible because of a lost. Because of this, you will put your distance from this friend.

To see that you get cross with your grandmother and give her hard feelings in your dream signifies that you entrust to you and a person will use this but you don't know this.  If you see that your grandmother gets cross with you in your dream, it signifies that you will make a mistake.

To kiss your grandmother in your dream implies that your doubts related to your partner are not true. If your grandmother kisses you in your dream, it symbolizes support from your partner to you.

To see that you have a sex with your grandmother in your dream implies that you will join a crowded family and you feel that you belong to it or you will be permanent in a job that you think about it temporarily. To see that grandmother has a sex with somebody in your dream implies that your family will postpone some needs to compensate your faults.

To dream that your grandmother is crying refers to a person or event that confuses your mind. If your grandmother is laughing in your dream, it symbolizes good news.

To see that grandmother performs prayer in your dream suggests that you or one of your family members will hear good news from state.

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  1. My sister had 2 dreams(she just got diagnose with CANCER. Due to the Co-id she was suffering with a tooth ache and could not seen a Dr. At last recently she seen a dr and got tesr done. She has cancer in 3 sectionsof the mouth then she found out it went to her brain). My sister had her first dream, her grandmother,her mom and Trudy(sister) were driving in a car on the side of a mountain.Grandmother was driving(she didn’t drive when she was living).Mom just recently died in March 2020.
    The 2nd dream was Trudy and Grandmother were walking and a dove landed on grandmother shoulder
    Could you please tell me what you get out of this.
    Thankyou Trudy Sister Catherine

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