Dream Meaning of Gramophone

Dream Meaning of Gramophone

To see a gramophone in your dream may represent that you will take an offer which makes you happy, there will be your elder who helps you when you are in desperate straits.

To see a rotten or broken gramophone in your dream may suggest that you will be curious about your father’s occupation and you won’t work for this job anymore and set up your own business.

To see of buying and selling a gramophone in your dream signifies that you will make trade, start to work for a different branch thanks to your old friend.

To dream that you are listening music from a gramophone denotes that you will hear happy news. If the gramophone is out of order in your dream, it means that a person who doesn’t like you will set happy news back.

To listen religious speeches or hymn from a gramophone in your dream refers to halal gain, modest spouse, an elder who always prayers for you.

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