Dream Meaning of Fruit

Dream Meaning of Fruit

To see fruit in your dream may represent that there will be disagreements within family, common point will be reached as soon as possible.

To see of eating fruit in your dream means that you will have a good journey.

To dream that you wash fruit signifies that there will be people whom you should be careful about and meet during travel.

To see that you slice the fruits in your dream forewarns you that there will be problems in your relationship but it will fix soon.

To dream that you peel off the fruit symbolizes that there will be engagement in near future.

To see of buying fruit in your dream refers to news about marriage.

To see of selling fruit in your dream signifies that you feel relaxed about monetary issues now.

To see rotten fruits in your dream may denote that you will show an increase in your job.

To dream that the fruit smells bad indicates that a discussion you made with your spouse will be heard within your family.

To see that you plant seed of fruit to the ground in your dream means that your children will share everything with you.

To see of collecting fruits from a tree or ground in your dream indicates that your friendships with people whom you will meet will be very good after a while.

To see that you make the fruits eaten to somebody in your dream symbolizes that there will be new starts in your relationships.

To see various fruits in your dream refers to a journey which you will have with your friends.

To see only one kind of fruit in your dream means that you show achievements in your school life.

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