Dream Meaning of Exam

Dream Meaning of Exam

To see an exam in a dream means that you will show patience, be resistant, be constant.

To see that you take an exam in your dream may represent that you will show patience, endurance towards the incidents.

To get to an exam in time, participate in the exam at the last moment in your dream signifies that your belief will strengthen as a result of regret, a good work will be done. To be late for the exam in your dream is telling you that you have to overcome a small barrier in order to notice an important issue.

To dream that you couldn't take the exam or miss the exam represents having a difficulty or trouble against an incident. If you aren't taken for the exam in your dream, it tells that you will have a dialogue with ill-intentioned people and as a result of this dialogue, you will make your want accepted…

To pass the exam in your dream means that your goal will implement and take happy news.

To see of learning the result of your exam in your dream refers to a favor which will be done by a person around you. To see exam grade in a dream denotes that you will get rid of troubles by beginning to enjoy prosperity

To take your exam result from another person in your dream means that your name will be mentioned positively in a community.

To dream that you cheat in the exam refers to rumors about you or a talk done by a two-faced person will be heard.

To cry for the exam in your dream indicates that you will come to the better status in terms of position.

To see exam questions in your dream may suggest that you will have achievements by directing towards another different sectors apart from your current job branch. You will take education in different areas.

To see that you are studying for the exam in your dream means that you will take part in new environments and make permanent friendships there. Alternatively, it is telling you that you will meet with a person who is suitable for spouse or partner.

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