Dream Meaning of Dough

Dream Meaning of Dough

To see dough in a dream means that you will have financial problems. However, you will get rid of these troubles with the help of a young or old woman. This person will be outside your family.

To see that you roll out dough in your dream represents that your friend or relative will want money from you and you will confront an event which you will be happy as a result of your help.

To see pastry in your dream may represent that you have debts and even if you have difficulty to closing these debts, you will finish your debts as soon as possible.

To dream that you are eating pastry suggests that your debts which you don't know about will reveal. Even if you don't want to pay these debts, some amount of money will be off your hands.

To see that you knead dough in your dream indicates that you will be successful in your job, your achievements will be envied by a woman within your environment.

To see that you fry dough up in your dream may indicate that you will set some of your works back, even if this issue leaves you in a difficult situation, you won't have a lot of problems.

To see fried dough in your dream suggests that you will overcome financial problems and these troubles won't reveal for a long time.

To see of eating dough without frying or cooking in your dream may represent that you will deal with the issues which put you to inconvenience in your job and the problems will disappear.

The hardness or softness of dough may signify your life span. To see that the dough is very soft in your dream may indicate that even if your life span is long, you will have diseases and troubles throughout your life span.

If the dough is very hard, this dream means that your life will be long, even if you have small diseases and troubles, these problems won't influence you too much.

To dream that you spread the dough with a cloth signifies that you will make effort in your jobs and you will complete your whole works on time and successfully.

To see that the dough dries in your dream may indicate that people who wish harm on you won't reach their goals.

To see that you roll out the dough thinly in your dream means that you will be in a crowded environment and people will mention about your achievements in your job too much. These conversations will influence you positively.

To dream that the dough sours suggests that you will make a mistake with an issue which you think about or your statement.

To see that the dough rises and overflows from its box in your dream may represent that even if you are preoccupied with your health problems, these problems will disappear. You will upset yourself unreasonably.

To see of spreading the dough in a broad area in your dream may denote that you will meet with your friend whom you haven't seen for a long time or make a phone conversation with this person.


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