Dream Meaning of Dice

Dream Meaning of Dice

To see a dice in a dream refers to plans regarding future, updates about chance and luck. If the dice is good and bright in your dream, it indicates that you will be on a roll.

To see of playing a dice in your dream may represent that you will leave an inportant decision about your future to another person and then you will regret.

To see that you find a dice in your dream means that you will earn money from an unexpected place and consume this money for pleasure and happiness.

To dream that you lose a dice or look for a dice symbolizes that you will seek a partner in order to do jobs which the society doesn’t welcome.

To see of fling dice down in your dream may indicate that you will swear off your sins and direct to halal gain.

To see of collecting dice in your dream may suggest that your relatives’ mistakes will be held responsible for you and you will want help from wrong people in order to prove your innocent.

To see of buying a dice in your dream symbolizes that you will regret for a gain which you will get from bad way and by using this profit in a good job, you will reach to comfort.

To give a dice to a person in your dream may indicate that another person will take an opportunity because you couldn’t evaluate your opportunity. If you see that you take a dice from a person, it means that you will create a new opportunity.

To see that the numbers are deleted on the dice and you can’t read them in your dream may represent that you will utilize from your relative’s profits but you don’t know his/her bad profit.

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