Dream Meaning of Dark Blue Dress

Dream Meaning of Dark Blue Dress

To see a dark blue dress in your dream symbolizes government job. The dream is interpreted as starting to work in a state office or an important official institution and being successful in exams. Dreaming of dark blue dress also denotes that you will protect yourself as keeping your distance in your life or you will be a strict manager. Alternatively, dark blue dress may be a sign of getting good news about official issues. If you are single, to dream of dark blue dress may represent meeting a person who is extremely polite, successful in business life and has career plans.  

Wearing navy blue dress

Wearing a navy blue dress in a man’s dream is a sing of the presence of a woman who will support him and his decisions. The dream symbolizes especially your partner or mother. Also, dreaming of wearing a dark blue dress may indicate that you will be a white collar worker and have a deskwork in your business life and your work will be related to valuable documents.   If you are seeking a job or want to change your job, then the dream implies good job offers and better conditions. State offices and public institutions may be your workplaces.

Ordering dark blue dress

If you are waiting for an appointment, ordering dark blue dresses in your dream refers to preparations and arrangements, relocation and movement to another city due to business and to abandon your friends and your family because of official work. If mostly young, then the dream implies being successful in school, finding many opportunities to improve yourself and to find a good job in the future. It also highlights being an admirable and desirable person.

Psychological interpretation of dreaming dark blue dress

To see dark blue dress in your dream may be a sign of keeping your distance and being  distant. If the dreamer is a timid person and wants to be more sociable, it also implies his efforts to take part in social environments and to strike up friendships. Alternatively, to dream of dark blue dress refers to your ambitions to succeed.  


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