Dream Meaning of Concubine

Dream Meaning of Concubine

To see concubine in a dream refers to the addiction of beer and skittles. 

To see that you have concubines in your dream implies that you will spend money for pleasure and fun. You will live without being in difficulty. 

To see yourself as concubine in your dream signifies that you will have a property by means of opportunities which your friends provide.

To dream that you have a sex with a concubine signifies that you will increase your profit and happiness by sharing your job with a person.

To see of buying a concubine in your dream indicates that you will buy a house that you dream about. Alternatively, it means that it will be possible that you will move to another city because of reaching your dreams.

To see that you sell a concubine in your dream may represent that you will give up from earthly pleasure by living your life to the full. You will go toward moral pleasure.

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