Dream Meaning of Circle

Dream Meaning of Circle

To see a circle in your dream symbolizes renewal, refreshment, resumption.

Drawing a circle in a dream indicates that you are going to make a plan about a matter you had failed and this time you will achieve success.It also indicates that you will change some of your traits you don’t like or you will improve yourself.

Someone who is drawing a circle indicates that there are some people who imitate you.

Seeing circles on the wall in a dream indicates that you are going to make changes associated with your environment you live and you will gain an advantage trying new methods over people learned your deficit .

Seeing circles or circle-shaped objects  on the ground in a dream indicates that there will be some people who ask you  to give up a job or person or there will be some people who want to misdirect you to jerk you over.

To dream of missing or crooked-circle indicates that your enthusiasm will decrease for someone you show great interest and you will understand that the person you make too much of him is not the person in your dream.

To dream of nested circles indicates that earning your money you will spend it on your own and you will not give ill-wishers who want to share your knowledge and possessions opportunity.


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