Dream Meaning of Cigarette

Dream Meaning of Cigarette

To see a cigarette in a dream may indicate that you gain power, have a strong friend, take power and support from your spouse or friend.

To smoke a cigarette in your dream may imply that you will have hopes again when you think that you are all beat up. You can start for a relationship which finished again, have your commodity you lost again.

To dream that you are caught as you smoke means that you will start a job or relationship again. If you are scared when you are caught in your dream, it tells that you will regret from your relationship or job you have just started.

To see that you light up in your dream indicates that you will start to enjoy from your job, begin to make profit from your new job. If you light up another person's cigarette, you will achieve to take support from a person whom you want help from, you will get a positive return from the person whom you want to have a relationship with.  

To see a person who smokes a cigarette in your dream refers to a person whom you take financial and spiritual support from. If you know this person smoking cigarette, this person won't have expectations from you in return for support. If this person is foreigner, this dream tells that the person helping you will expect financial or emotional in return from you.  

To see a package of cigarette in your dream means that you will have a rich friend. If this package is open in your dream, it refers to a rich or generous friend. If you see an empty package of cigarette in your dream, it signifies a friend who loves you unconditionally or you will meet with a person who wants to put love bond.

To see a broken cigarette in your dream forewarns you that you will have a small health problem but this problem will save you from bigger trouble.

To see cigarette ash in your dream indicates that problems which you exaggerate will disappear spontaneously by going one by one. If you are ill in reality, this dream tells that you will reach your health. If you are debtor, you will pay your debts easily.

To see of taking cigarette from a person in your dream means that you will defeat a person having conflict with you. If you buy cigarette, you will establish superiority over your enemies by applying fake way.  

To offer cigarette to a person or give it in your dream may indicate that you will withdraw from a job deliberately, you will be the person who finishes the relationship or friendship. If you see that you sell a cigarette in your dream, it tells that you will keep your distance from your friend for your financial interests involuntarily.

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