Dream Meaning of Chestnut (Maroon)

Dream Meaning of Chestnut (Maroon)

To see a chestnut in your dream refers to a person whom people don't like but who helps, an executive who speaks exaggerately and profit which doesn't give enough satisfaction.

To see clean, strong and nice chestnut in your dream means that you become healthy or you will get rid of an illness suddenly if you are sick. To see of carrying chestnut in your dream may represent that your life span will be long.

To see of eating chestnut in your dream refers to halal daily bread which doesn't leave you hungry but which wasn't be abundant.

To see that you cook or boil a chestnut in your dream indicates that a small gain will enhance as soon as possible.

To see chestnut shells in your dream indicates that money which you aren't sure about its source will come to your home.

To see of burning the shells of chestnut and throw them into the stove in your dream may suggest that you will understand that one of your staffs which you possess without being sure is good and halal.

To see chestnut sweet or deserts made from chestnut in your dream indicates that the person whom even you don't like approach to will help you.

To see that the chestnut is bought and sold in your dream may denote that you will rumor about an issue which you didn't see and you will regret from your sayings after a while. If you see or talk a person who sells chestnut in your dream, it symbolizes rumors which are made about you.

To see of collecting chestnuts in your dream refers to a simple mission which will be given to you in order to make you busy or stay you away from some people.

To see chestnut caterpillar in your dream may indicate that one of your relatives whose financial condition is better than you will be a joking matter because of his/her behaviours which s/he shows in a community.

To see chestnut tree in your dream indicates that you will gain power, save money for the needs. Alternatively, this dream is telling you a property which belongs to you but which is not luxurious.

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