Dream Meaning of Caterpillar

Dream Meaning of Caterpillar

To see a caterpillar in a dream refers to an enemy who hides his/her intention, a family member who has trouble. It also signifies a person who wants to spend time together with you, expects attention from you, has spiritual trouble within family. If you see a green caterpillar in your dream, it is telling you that a person who wants to use you for his/her interest will dance attendance on you because s/he appeals to you.

To see caterpillar cocoon in your dream implies that you’re relative who uses you for his/her interests will reveal his/her intention soon and goes away from your life.

To see of eating caterpillar in your dream represents that you will detract yourself from the person whom you love too much because of his/her bad personality and you will make new and good friendships.

To kill or crush a caterpillar in your dream indicates that you will notice your friend who does something behind your back and by revealing this issue when the appropriate time comes, you will trivialize your friend within the society.

To see a caterpillar in your mouth, ear in your dream is good. By noticing the games which are done to underestimate you, you will spoil the games of these people and provide benefit by utilizing from the deficits of the people.

To see that a bird eats a caterpillar in your dream indicates that your enemies will destroy each other. If a caterpillar eats a leaf in your dream, your enemy will destroy yourself.

To see that your house is full of caterpillars in your dream means that you will understand that the people who want to harm you won’t be able to harm you and they will line up to be with you and curry favour with you.


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