Dream Meaning of Bus

Dream Meaning of Bus

To see a bus in a dream indicates that you will be misunderstood, you will make a mistake, won't notice and won't be careful.

To see a bus which is going on the way in your dream may represent that your spouse or close friend gave harm to you about an issue which you didn't realize.

To see yourself inside the bus and you are sitting in your dream represents that you will hear some rumors but you won't listen to them.

To stand inside the bus in your dream suggests that you will hear a rumor which makes you angry.

To get on the bus in your dream means that you will reveal an issue which is done something behind your back and you will settle a score with the people who did this to you.

To see that a bus is stolen in your dream may represent that you will accuse your friend wrongly. If you steal the bus, you will be blamed wrongly.

To dream that you run after the bus but don't catch it indicates that a person will apologise from you and ask for your blessing. If you catch the bus by running after the bus, you will be right about an issue and thanks to this, you will make profit.

To get off from the bus symbolizes that you will meet again with your friend whom you were at odds with before and your relationship will be good again.

To see that you are driving a bus in your dream may signify that you will regret about a behaviour which you make towards your spouse or partner.

To see that a bus has a crash in your dream may represent that you will confront a better result than you expected at the end of an exam or a meeting which you think about bad.

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